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Sharon de Bruyn

What Is Melody Fusion All About?

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Never heard of it, you might say.  Well, I’m not surprised, it’s a brand new website that has hit the web and it sole purpose is to help musicians get their music out there. is brought to you by three men who had an idea and decided to act on it.


In essence, it is a FREE, simple way to MARKET your music.


I’ll mention too that they have a competition going which runs till the end of January, so go to right now and enter for your chance to win one of 5 amazing prizes worth over $2000!!!      MelodyFusion Gigs


So go on over to now and enter by simply filling out the registration form.

Now let me share with you some of their site information so you can get an understanding of what website is all about and how can help you.

The MelodyFusion Story


A few years ago, (in 2007, to be exact), three ordinary guys—in three different countries—started a conversation about three passions: music, creativity, and helping people. From that initial discussion, the concept of Melody Fusion was born, and in 2013, that concept was turned into a real live website, where music, creativity and helping people all converge.


Melody Fusion is a website designed and operated for one major purpose – to help you fulfill your musical dreams. We’ll help you accomplish this by giving you a platform to share your music and a place to find other people with your same passion, all for free.


Now About You –


If you’re a performer of music… entertaining people with your musical talents, you have the ability to become a professional but might not have the know-how, or maybe you’re already involved in the music industry but are seeking a wider audience.

If you’re a creator of music… you want to take your musical knowledge and skills and apply them artfully to your new composition, pouring your soul into your creation. Producing something from nothing is as fundamental to you as breathing. You want to showcase your creative talents, share ideas with like-minded people, or seek musicians to take your music out into the world.

If you’re a listener of music… you may or may not create or perform music, but if you want to dance to a beat, listening to music is a fundamental part of your life.

If you have a passion to make music your life, your success is will be determined by the number of people you have listening to your music. No matter which of the above you are, you can use Melody Fusion as an extension of your own music launchpad.

What We’re Offering You

Melody Fusion offers you an opportunity to:

  • Expose your musical talents to the entire USA, or to a select audience of your own choosing
    • Get feedback from your peers and from recognized music critics
    • Put yourself “out there” to be noticed by record labels and the music industry
    • Develop a loyal following
  • “Learn by doing” in a safe environment and become the best musician you can be:
    • Find a mentor
    • Listen to others’ music to spark your own creative genius
    • Take Master Classes
    • Discover like-minded musicians, share ideas and collaborate on projects
    • Follow and engage with musicians you admire
  • Stay informed with what’s happening in the Melody Fusion music world
    • Read news and reviews about people, bands, musical instruments and sound equipment
    • Participate in forums



What Makes Us So Special?


First, we are committed to helping you achieve your musical dream, and to provide Melody Fusion completely free of charge to members. There is no fee to join, no recurring fees for membership, no paid upgrades, no restrictions, and no storage fees.

Second, we are committed to helping you get involved; we want you to consider Melody Fusion to be your website.  We encourage you to participate in every aspect: upload your music, give feedback, write reviews, participate in forums, team up with other Melody Fusion members, and most importantly, talk to us about other services you would like us to add. We’re always open to suggestions on how we can make the website—your website—even better.

Contact us here:


I have pasted in the following FAQs to give you even more information on MelodyFusion below:


Q: Is MelodyFusion only for independent artists, or can signed bands join?

A: We are happy to welcome anybody who wants to share their music, whether they’re signed or not. By all means, please create an account and share away! Our system allows you to either upload a musical track that you can share for free, or, if you already have songs in iTunes, you can share your songs that way so you can drive sales via the iTunes store.


Q: Do you protect my music’s copyright?

A: Absolutely. We are fully committed to protecting all your intellectual property rights, and are dedicated to making sure that your music is only given away for free if you choose to offer this. All other songs will be shared via the iTunes store, so all of the copyright and anti-piracy protection that Apple has put into place will be used to keep all your rights intact.


Q: Can I share a review of a concert I went to recently?

A: Yes, we would love to read your review! Anybody can create a review of any concert or show they’ve been to. All you have to do is create an account, then you can review a concert.  Our moderators will review it, and if it’s a quality, original review, we will publish it here on our concert reviews our page.


Q: What format do my songs need to be in to share on Melody Fusion?

A: You can upload your music in three formats: 1) MP3, 2) M4A, and 3) OGG. The majority of songs shared on the internet are in this format, so most songs from anywhere should be compatible with our website.


My hope is that I have been able to open the eyes of any musicians out there that may be reading my blog of another opportunity to spread the word about their music.  When the site builds and gains momentum, I believe it will be a place for talent scouts looking for new blood and massive amounts of networking as people link together as they share their passion for music.


As I said earlier, go on over to and sign up.  It is free and have a go at winning yourself some nice new gear.  Network with other members and expand your contacts.  Share your music and your knowledge.  I think this would be also very handy for music teachers etc who want to advertise their lessons to reach more customers.  As more and more gigs are added in, I can see this will be a handy resource for people to log on to see what is happening in their areas.

MelodyFusion is only new so you can expect to see some new features soon and its face changing as it strives to serve the needs of those who use it.

Best wishes in the competition and thanks for visiting my blog.

2014, here we come…..

Sharon 😀







Flying Out to Zimbabwe tonight!

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The day has come and I am feeling so very EXCITED!!!

I am packed and the house is organised.  I am just doing a quick blog post to say our journey is about to begin.

Africa, wow, I never thought I would be going there and yet here I am on my way there shortly.

I will try where I can to post pics and videos of our experiences.  I am not taking a computer so will probably keep in touch via Facebook and place updates there.  If I can do blog posts, I will otherwise I will put my experiences on blog posts when we return.

Take good care 🙂


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Security, Health, Safety and Contingencies

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Hi Fellow Adventurers!This is an very important email, as you can tell by the subject line.As you know, Africa, especially South Africa, has a very high crime rate.  It is important to be aware of your surrounds all the time and to make sure you take care of your personal belongings.  Common sense should always prevail.

Please don’t take anything of high value, and it would be a good idea to cover yourself with good travel insurance in the event of a theft, loss, damage or medical emergency.  There are risks in travelling in Africa and you need to make yourself aware of them.

Please also remember that all wildlife is unpredictable and can be dangerous.  Always take care around wild animals, and listen to the guidance and advice of any game guide that you are under the care of.

In Namibia the water is not safe to drink.  (Believe me!)  Don’t even brush your teeth with the tap water.  Only use bottled water.  Bottled water is safe and readily available.

Now for some contingency plans.  Highly unlikely to be needed, but important to put a plan in place in the event that it is needed.

Flights can be delayed or cancelled, and the area that you would be most vulnerable.

If you are travelling with others and someone misses a flight or a connection, and you cannot make the rendezvous as planned nor make communication, then you need to have a planned course of action worked out before you leave the country.  The plan we have in place today as we fly out today is as follow:  If someone misses their flight or connection.  Travel onto the country/airport as planned.  I suggest those who can make the connection, does so, and continues with the planned itinerary regardless – heading to the next HOTEL in the itinerary.  In this regard it will involve arriving in Walvis Bay, collecting the hire car, driving to Swakopmund and checking into the Protea Ndonga Hotel.  That will give us a central point to try and locate the missing member/s, and also gives the missing member/s a point with which to aim for.  Communication is essential, and as we all have iPhones, all we need is wi-fi access and then text messages/FaceTime/Whatsapp will be free iPhone to iPhone.  Hotels will have wi-fi access.Make sure everyone travelling has a detailed itinerary with all contact and reference numbers.  In this attachment includ all documentation necessary for your trip. It would be a good idea to print a copy out and keep it on you.  Also I recommend that you upload the details onto the “Kayak” App and share the entry with with your fellow travellers and then you will have all the details on your phone.Electricity and wifi is often unreliable in Africa.  Hopefully your hotels will provide it and you will be able to find wifi cafes along the way.  Africa is a very interesting place.

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Let the adventure begin!
Take good care,


What Luggage To Take To Africa

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Dear Fellow Adventurers,

A brief note on luggage requirements.

We all appreciate that ladies luggage requirements are very different to those of men, and everyone has different personal needs.  What you decide to pack in your luggage is very personal and therefore it is hard for me to advise what you should take or what is not necessary to take.

So I leave it entirely up to you, and give only the briefest suggestions here.

1)  If possible, try and use a mid size suitcase.  At times, the room available will not only depend on your luggage, but other’s luggage also.
2)  Travel as light as possible to allow some room to bring back souvenirs and gifts etc. Review your luggage weight and size restrictions from your airline carriers.
3)  The weather at this time of the year from Namibia to Cape Town will range from warm to chilly.  Nights will be quite chilly wherever we go, and days should start cool and warm up nicely.  Some days might be a little hot.  Cape Town could experience the biggest range of weather in one day – similar to Melbourne – there could be rainy days.
4)  Dress codes:  Unless you require formal wear, the restaurants generally expect a smart casual dress code.  Jeans are acceptable almost everywhere.  I guess it would be fair to say that if you dress according to a casual evening out in Brisbane, you won’t go wrong.  It is very relaxed.  A good pair of walking shoes that can double up as casual footwear would be handy, and perhaps some thongs/slip slops(?) for desert or beach walks.
5)  Generally hotels supply hairdryers.
6)  Remember to take a hat and sunscreen – the usual sensible stuff.
7)  Crime is pretty bad everywhere in Africa, so perhaps try not to take personal valuables that may be at risk, such as expensive jewellery and lots of cash.  I’ll will a separate blog post on security.
8)  Don’t forget to take any meds you think you might need.  Chemists in Africa are pretty well stocked with most meds, health and hygiene stuff, so don’t worry too much about this. But do take meds you rely on, such as antihistamines, pain killers, asthma pumps, disinfectants etc.  Prepare for a possibility of upset stomachs/food poisoning, so perhaps pack some Imodium or equivalent.
9) A good idea is to take a small can of mosquito spray – they can be very pesky at night.  Although we will not be going into malarial areas, Rhino River Safari Camp “could” harbour some malarial mosquitoes.  However, saying that, September is a low threat season for Malaria.  Regardless, I would be inclined to suggest you bring Aeroguard and wear long sleeve/long trousers in open areas at night.

I hope the above is of some help.  Travelling is an adventure.

Take good care while abroad.

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Best wishes,

Sharon 🙂

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Electricity, Plugs and Adaptors for Travel in Africa

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Greetings Fellow Travellers.

So you are travelling to Africa.  Below you will find some useful information with regard to organising your appliances while you travel.

We are leaving for Africa today and some of our family are joining us along the way.  So I thought I would share with you some of the information we have shared amongst ourselves as we prepared for our trip.

The good news is that both South Africa and Namibia use 220v, which means it is compatible with all Australian electrical gear.  The problem is that their plug points and sockets have 3 rounded pins, so they are not compatible with Australian equipment unless you have an adaptor.  There is a photo below to give you an idea of what it looks like.

You can buy an array of adaptors at luggage shops or at the airport on departure.  However, the most versatile adaptor I have come accross is the “Skross” adaptor which can be bought from the Qantas Inflight store in flight or online.  This is very useful if you intend to travel a lot as it covers almost all countries in the world and even has a USB charger for iPhones, iPads and other 5v devices.  The problem is, now having had a look at mine, I can’t see a South African adaptor on it!  Nevertheless, if you are interested, you can purchase it through Qantas for AU$30 in flight or online at:

A cheaper standard SA adaptor from a kiosk at an Australian airport will be just fine, however.  One good piece of advice I can give is that it may do you well to buy a standard Australian double adaptor from Bunnings. (Preferably the type that has bevelled ends – I’ll include it in the photo because I’m not too sure how to describe it accurately. The bevelled ends actually allow 2 plugs to fit in it – you’d be surprised how many double adaptors they sell that only allows one plug to fit although it can accommodate two!)  You can plug it into your SA adaptor, and you get 2 sockets for one, which will allow you to charge your phone and and camera at the same time, or you could use your hairdryer whilst charging your phone.  Very useful.

The photo attached shows three adaptors, bottom left shows the South African plugs, bottom right shows the reverse of that plug and how it adapts the usual Australian plug, and the top middle is the double adaptor from Bunnings.  Remember, the Bunnings one must be the standard Australian plug – as it fits into your adaptor.

Back to electronics – If your iPhone/iPad drains very quickly and you want to use your device listening to music on long haul flights or journeys, or you are going to a country where electrical supply is unreliable, you could purchase a digital charger, which is a device that stores power that you can use to top up your device.  They are a bit pricey, but you can get them at most electronic shops.  My suggestion is that if you do buy one for Africa, look at getting one that uses AA batteries which you can replace at will, and not one that needs a USB port, or a charger and electrical outlet – because again, you are dependent on a reliable supply of electricity.    I hasten to add that you should not need this in South Africa.  Zimbabwe, perhaps, but not South Africa, so really this is not a necessary purchase.  I just mention it if you feel you may need the extra power.

Zip-Lock bags – a GREAT invention.  You can get these by the hundred at the local Coles or Woolworths stores.  They are see-through, and this is important because you can see what’s in them without opening them – VERY handy, they are watertight, great for putting your phone or Passport in if it starts to rain, (or you are on a dubious boat or canoe) and also they are airtight, which can allow for a protective air bubble if you have something slightly fragile in your luggage.  (Or if you want your Passport to float – heaven forbid!)  And above all, great to store those pesky little earphones in so that the cables don’t tangle up with every other recharger, USB cable, power pack or piece of jewellery you may want to take with you. Just pop your earphones in the Zip-Lock, chuck them in your bag somewhere, and when you pull them out, they are just how you left them.  Perfect!  (By the way, the iPhone touch screen and microphones work well inside the plastic bag.)

I try to take 2 sizes of Zip-Lock bags with me, small and medium.  I use small to put earphones, cables, and loose change from countries I have just visited, which I won’t need again, so that I don’t confuse the coins with the new currency.  (It’s a real pain if you need glasses to read what is embossed on the coins, as I have now discovered to my dismay.)  I also place spare AA and AAA batteries in a Zip-Lock bag.  It keeps them together so you don’t have to go digging for a spare battery amongst your sox and undies.  In medium size bags I put rechargers, adaptors and other small but chunky items I would need to use almost on a daily basis.  At each new destination all I need to do is pull out 2 or 3 Zip-Lock bags on my bedside table and I am set.  All up I normally find I only need 3 small bags and 3 medium bags.  I would suggest that you pack 3 or 4 of each size into a side pocket somewhere as spares, should one fail, or if you find other good uses for them along the way.

That’s all for now on the handy hints.

Next blog post will be on luggage – what size bag to use, and what to pack.

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We have a big trip organised for Africa.  Today we fly out and as soon as I can, I will try to upload pics and videos of what we are experiencing over there.  I can’t tell you how excited I am feeling!!

Take good care and best wishes,

Sharon 🙂

Launch Jacking – Bring The Fresh

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Launch Jacking

Launch Jacking Was Released Today By Rick Rivera

Launch Jacking was opened to the public today by Rick Rivera.  This new course shows the world how this young 21 year old University student has made thousands and thousands of dollars in his first year of Internet Marketing.

Rick heard about Bring The Fresh and how it taught marketers to get their sites onto Page One of Google in record time.  He was very skeptical and decided to ring up Mike Long and place a challenge before Mike Long and Kelly Felix to see if their course would be clear enough to enable himself to make money online.  Little did Rick know he had just set the avalanche in motion, Launch Jacking would soon be bringing him in some good money.

Launch Jacking

The Bring The Fresh membership did not specifically teach Launch Jacking, yet there was enough information in there to show Rick how to begin and he just went right with it.  Rick asked lots of questions.  The Bring The Fresh Forum is a wonderful place to find information.  Being a Bring The Fresh member brings many benefits, the forum is a huge bonus!  People from all fields are in there, from newbies to pros.

As Rick made great money in his first few weeks, he was encouraged to continue his ‘Launch Jacking’ and develop a system that has continually brought him in money.  Rick has been an active member in the Bring The Fresh forum and advised various members there how to do some Launch Jacking where they have made good money as well.  Rick has taught some of his friends how he does the Launch Jacking and they too have been amazed at the money they have earned.  Rick has made 6 figures so far and the Launch Jacking formula he follows has not failed him yet.

Mike and Kelly from Bring The Fresh have encouraged Rick to create his Launch Jacking guide to share with others how they too can be successful online with little time, money and knowledge.

Launch Jacking

When Rick began online, he was not willing to spend anymore than $200 to try this ‘Internet thing’.  He had and still doesn’t have, any real experience or knowledge on how to design a web page or how to use any program intended for making web pages.  Rick had no knowledge of internet marketing, SEO, affiliate marketing or any marketing for that matter.  He knew nothing about blogging, what hosting was and most terms on the net. Launch Jacking was completely new to him.

What Rick DID have though was an internet connection and a burning desire to make it big online.  As a Uni student, he had little time or resources and he wanted something that would he could put together with minimal time, expense and knowledge.

Bring The Fresh showed Rick the basics to begin with and he is continually learning from his membership there.  Mike Long and Kelly Felix are great mentors to the community there.  Both are greatly skilled in Launch Jacking and have made many, many $millions over time from it.

Have a look at the video here to see how far Rick has come with his Launch Jacking adventures.  I have had a look inside the guide and find Rick’s information and videos very easy to listen to and learn from.

Do you have little time, knowledge and resources?  Then click on the link below and see how Rick Rivera’s world changed when he entered the world of Launch Jacking.

Click Here to View :Launch Jacking By Rick Rivera

Launch Jacking

Delay on Bring The Fresh posts

Bring The Fresh Comments Off on Delay on Bring The Fresh posts

Internet BusinessBring The Fresh Apology

I must apologise for the delay in adding information with regard to how my sites are going following the Bring The Fresh principles.

Life has gotten in the way I am sorry.   With being sick, a family wedding, family visiting and starting a new job, I put my internet work on the back burner.

This I hope to remedy very soon.   The Bring The Fresh course is helping many get their websites established and up on the front page of Google very quickly.

Go check it out at :

BRING THE FRESH – Bring The Fresh Position 3 & 4 on Pg 1 of Google

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Am I surprised? I am and I am not…Have I confused you?

Well, I have been away and now I am home, I checked to see where I was on Google now, and low and behold, was on Page 1 of Google in position 3 and 4 for the search term Bring The Fresh.

I am surprised to see my blog in that position and yet I am not surprised to see that the techniques I have used as recommended in Bring The Fresh are working.

If you have not had a chance to check out Bring The Fresh then do so here now :  CLICK HERE FOR BRING THE FRESH

This is a no nonsense system of getting your site onto the front page of Google in a fairly short amount of time.  Which in turns gives your website its best chance of getting clicked on and seen.  Click on the link above and read all about it, also watch the videos.  I know you will be impressed.

Get your site to Page One of Google and Page One of the other search engines as well.

I am off now to check my other sites and see where they are hanging right now.  I am smiling 🙂

Bring The Fresh New Website Up And Running

Bring The Fresh Comments Off on Bring The Fresh New Website Up And Running

I have begun to follow the steps of Bring The Fresh

Right now I have made up a website following the first of the ‘Bring The Fresh‘ guidelines.  It has one post and tomorrow I will add another one.  Then I will begin on the next steps.

I am very interested to see how quickly my blog will go up in its position on Google.  Fingers crossed, I am feeling very positive.

If you would like to learn more about Bring The Fresh, they have a great information page so just click on the link below to get all the news.



I just did a check on the keywords ‘Bring The Fresh’ and this blog is now No 5 on Page One of Google which amazes me.  I searched for it yesterday and could not find it.  I gave up looking after Page 7.  I applied the guidelines in ‘Bring The Fresh‘ to this blog and the results are astounding.   Wow!  I am smiling 🙂

Bring The Fresh, A Breath Of Fresh Air

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Well, Bring The Fresh has spurred me on to open up my blog and dust it off a bit!  As you can see it has been some time since I have added to it.

Over the last year I have gone through stages of being quite disillusioned by all the internet marketing gurus online!  One so called guru in particular, ripped me and about a dozen others off to the tune of thousands and left a lot of distrust in our bones.   So any new launch I noticed online, I never bothered with, surely they were all the same???

Well, I am pleased to say, that I have now found some very encouraging teachings and results.  Boy, was I skeptical when I received an invite to try Bring The Fresh so I emailed the founders with my views to see how they would respond.  The email I received back from Mike Long blew me away.  He was not out to sell to me.  His response was one of genuine concern for my misfortunes.  He gave me an encouraging insight that by following the guidelines of Bring The Fresh, any everyday person could find success online.

Mike is one of the two people behind Bring The Fresh.  His friend and partner is Kelly Felix.  Together the two of them have had over $30 million worth of success online.  Hundreds of other people are now testifying to their own success since following Mike and Kelly’s guidelines, that they have now put together in Bring The Fresh.

Bring The Fresh membership can be either The Core Membership or The Full Disclosure Membership.  The Core Membership is more than enough for any person to begin to build their own online business by following the step by step guidelines contained in the videos and the Fast Start Guide.  There are many videos to watch and enjoy.  Both Mike and Kelly walk you through the steps showing you how they have been able to achieve the success they enjoy, showing you example after example of how you too can replicate the success as you choose to.  The Fast Start Guide contains Hot Sheets which give you all the step by step information you need in order to make your way to Page 1 of Google and get free traffic to your site.

Many members who have joined Bring The Fresh in the last few months are already enjoying Page 1 success on Google and a few have made quite a lot of money already.   Membership gives you access to the Bring The Fresh Yahoo Group and also the Bring The Fresh Forum where valuable information is added by many others as well.  These places are truly mines of information and the support and concern of members makes you visit them often.

So if you have at any time pondered the thought of having your own online business and were not sure how to go about entering the online world, then Bring The Fresh membership is for you.  After having spent and lost so much money looking for the pot of gold online, I did not believe it was possible for the average person to get a hand up like this.  I gave Bring The Fresh a go and like so many others who have done so as well, I am so very glad to have come across this information and support system.

Mike and Kelly answer every email sent to them personally.  They don’t outsource and wish to truly help each member to succeed.  They have been so successful online, it is their wish to give back and help others enjoy the prosperity of an online business as well.

So don’t delay any longer, go the Bring The Fresh information page and find out for yourself what a steal this offer is.  If you want to have a successful online business without all the costs involved in PPC or outsourcing, if you want an easy to replicate step by step formula, sign up for Bring The Fresh today and be so glad you did so.  Learn how to get free traffic to your site which will have you on Page 1 of Google in a very short time.  Once you are a member of Bring The Fresh, so many possibilities will be shown to you.  Invest a little in your future now.


I will keep you posted on my progress.

Best wishes,

Sharon 🙂