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Sharon de Bruyn

Meet Kaiden…..He Is So Cute

Family Life Comments Off on Meet Kaiden…..He Is So Cute

My  goodness, the time has flown and it is now the end of September.  So much has happened, so much to be thankful for.

We Have A Lot To Be Thankful For…..

Our gorgeous little grandson arrived on the 26th April early in the morning.  Our daughter handled it all so well and Kaiden Joel arrived safe and sound without problems.  I was privileged to be present during the birth, a very special occasion.

Two months later my husband, son and I moved to Victoria.  The last few months have been very eventful for me.  We now live in a beautiful farming village fairly close to Melbourne.   So while we get to enjoy the beauty and relative quietness of the countryside, we are not far from the conveniences of the city.

I have booked flights to visit the north in the New Year for which I am very grateful.  Catching up with friends here has been a real treat.

We have had lots of rain here, so it will continue to be green here for a long time.  Quite a contrast to where my daughters live in North Queensland.  We live in an amazing country to be sure.

I won’t let it go so long before I post again.  Take good care until I see you again.

Sharon 🙂