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Launch Jacking – Bring The Fresh

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Launch Jacking

Launch Jacking Was Released Today By Rick Rivera

Launch Jacking was opened to the public today by Rick Rivera.  This new course shows the world how this young 21 year old University student has made thousands and thousands of dollars in his first year of Internet Marketing.

Rick heard about Bring The Fresh and how it taught marketers to get their sites onto Page One of Google in record time.  He was very skeptical and decided to ring up Mike Long and place a challenge before Mike Long and Kelly Felix to see if their course would be clear enough to enable himself to make money online.  Little did Rick know he had just set the avalanche in motion, Launch Jacking would soon be bringing him in some good money.

Launch Jacking

The Bring The Fresh membership did not specifically teach Launch Jacking, yet there was enough information in there to show Rick how to begin and he just went right with it.  Rick asked lots of questions.  The Bring The Fresh Forum is a wonderful place to find information.  Being a Bring The Fresh member brings many benefits, the forum is a huge bonus!  People from all fields are in there, from newbies to pros.

As Rick made great money in his first few weeks, he was encouraged to continue his ‘Launch Jacking’ and develop a system that has continually brought him in money.  Rick has been an active member in the Bring The Fresh forum and advised various members there how to do some Launch Jacking where they have made good money as well.  Rick has taught some of his friends how he does the Launch Jacking and they too have been amazed at the money they have earned.  Rick has made 6 figures so far and the Launch Jacking formula he follows has not failed him yet.

Mike and Kelly from Bring The Fresh have encouraged Rick to create his Launch Jacking guide to share with others how they too can be successful online with little time, money and knowledge.

Launch Jacking

When Rick began online, he was not willing to spend anymore than $200 to try this ‘Internet thing’.  He had and still doesn’t have, any real experience or knowledge on how to design a web page or how to use any program intended for making web pages.  Rick had no knowledge of internet marketing, SEO, affiliate marketing or any marketing for that matter.  He knew nothing about blogging, what hosting was and most terms on the net. Launch Jacking was completely new to him.

What Rick DID have though was an internet connection and a burning desire to make it big online.  As a Uni student, he had little time or resources and he wanted something that would he could put together with minimal time, expense and knowledge.

Bring The Fresh showed Rick the basics to begin with and he is continually learning from his membership there.  Mike Long and Kelly Felix are great mentors to the community there.  Both are greatly skilled in Launch Jacking and have made many, many $millions over time from it.

Have a look at the video here to see how far Rick has come with his Launch Jacking adventures.  I have had a look inside the guide and find Rick’s information and videos very easy to listen to and learn from.

Do you have little time, knowledge and resources?  Then click on the link below and see how Rick Rivera’s world changed when he entered the world of Launch Jacking.

Click Here to View :Launch Jacking By Rick Rivera

Launch Jacking