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Sharon de Bruyn

Bring The Fresh, A Breath Of Fresh Air

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Well, Bring The Fresh has spurred me on to open up my blog and dust it off a bit!  As you can see it has been some time since I have added to it.

Over the last year I have gone through stages of being quite disillusioned by all the internet marketing gurus online!  One so called guru in particular, ripped me and about a dozen others off to the tune of thousands and left a lot of distrust in our bones.   So any new launch I noticed online, I never bothered with, surely they were all the same???

Well, I am pleased to say, that I have now found some very encouraging teachings and results.  Boy, was I skeptical when I received an invite to try Bring The Fresh so I emailed the founders with my views to see how they would respond.  The email I received back from Mike Long blew me away.  He was not out to sell to me.  His response was one of genuine concern for my misfortunes.  He gave me an encouraging insight that by following the guidelines of Bring The Fresh, any everyday person could find success online.

Mike is one of the two people behind Bring The Fresh.  His friend and partner is Kelly Felix.  Together the two of them have had over $30 million worth of success online.  Hundreds of other people are now testifying to their own success since following Mike and Kelly’s guidelines, that they have now put together in Bring The Fresh.

Bring The Fresh membership can be either The Core Membership or The Full Disclosure Membership.  The Core Membership is more than enough for any person to begin to build their own online business by following the step by step guidelines contained in the videos and the Fast Start Guide.  There are many videos to watch and enjoy.  Both Mike and Kelly walk you through the steps showing you how they have been able to achieve the success they enjoy, showing you example after example of how you too can replicate the success as you choose to.  The Fast Start Guide contains Hot Sheets which give you all the step by step information you need in order to make your way to Page 1 of Google and get free traffic to your site.

Many members who have joined Bring The Fresh in the last few months are already enjoying Page 1 success on Google and a few have made quite a lot of money already.   Membership gives you access to the Bring The Fresh Yahoo Group and also the Bring The Fresh Forum where valuable information is added by many others as well.  These places are truly mines of information and the support and concern of members makes you visit them often.

So if you have at any time pondered the thought of having your own online business and were not sure how to go about entering the online world, then Bring The Fresh membership is for you.  After having spent and lost so much money looking for the pot of gold online, I did not believe it was possible for the average person to get a hand up like this.  I gave Bring The Fresh a go and like so many others who have done so as well, I am so very glad to have come across this information and support system.

Mike and Kelly answer every email sent to them personally.  They don’t outsource and wish to truly help each member to succeed.  They have been so successful online, it is their wish to give back and help others enjoy the prosperity of an online business as well.

So don’t delay any longer, go the Bring The Fresh information page and find out for yourself what a steal this offer is.  If you want to have a successful online business without all the costs involved in PPC or outsourcing, if you want an easy to replicate step by step formula, sign up for Bring The Fresh today and be so glad you did so.  Learn how to get free traffic to your site which will have you on Page 1 of Google in a very short time.  Once you are a member of Bring The Fresh, so many possibilities will be shown to you.  Invest a little in your future now.


I will keep you posted on my progress.

Best wishes,

Sharon 🙂