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Sharon de Bruyn – Bring The Fresh Position 3 & 4 on Pg 1 of Google

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Am I surprised? I am and I am not…Have I confused you?

Well, I have been away and now I am home, I checked to see where I was on Google now, and low and behold, was on Page 1 of Google in position 3 and 4 for the search term Bring The Fresh.

I am surprised to see my blog in that position and yet I am not surprised to see that the techniques I have used as recommended in Bring The Fresh are working.

If you have not had a chance to check out Bring The Fresh then do so here now :  CLICK HERE FOR BRING THE FRESH

This is a no nonsense system of getting your site onto the front page of Google in a fairly short amount of time.  Which in turns gives your website its best chance of getting clicked on and seen.  Click on the link above and read all about it, also watch the videos.  I know you will be impressed.

Get your site to Page One of Google and Page One of the other search engines as well.

I am off now to check my other sites and see where they are hanging right now.  I am smiling 🙂