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Sharon de Bruyn

When Will He Arrive?

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It is just under 3 weeks till our first grandchild is born.

Our Excitement Builds As Rachel’s Time Draws Near

The eight months or so have flown and now we have a countdown going. sharons-phone-003

We already know that it is to be a boy and the nursery is full of blue things.

I have had the delight of watching my daughter prepare for the arrival of her little man. With great joy she has bought what was needed and with the help of her husband painted and prepared the nursery.  Now we are all playing the waiting game.

It has been 8 fun months, watching the child grow, hearing about all that my daughter is experiencing and seeing in their eyes the love they are longing to share.  I remember the excitement I felt when I was in their place many years ago.  Having children is indeed being blessed.  I was fortunate enough to have four of my own and to see them living independent, responsible and happy lives brings me deep fulfillment.

As the days go by, I wonder, will it be today?  Secretly I am willing him to wait until his due date.  I am going to Vanuatu in 10 days and am hoping that the little one will wait until I am back to make his arrival.  Although, I do know that his mum would like it to be over soon.  The last month of pregnancy brings lots of discomfort and it is easy to want it all to hurry up.

I look forward to being able to hold the new baby in my arms and help out when his parents want a break.  This is the first of many grandchildren to come I hope.

Life brings us many joys and children would have to be at the top of the list.  Yes, they are hard work and at times, you wonder when you will ever get time off for yourself, yet you will and you do  I have time to myself now, the years have flown by very quickly.  I do remember being told many times when my children were young, not to wish it away and that they are gone before you know it.  It is true, it passes quickly, even if you don’t think so at the time.

I wonder who the baby will look like?  How his personality will be?  Will he be short or tall?  What family resemblances will  I see? Most of all I am pleased to be living close by where I can be involved in his life and help out wherever needed.

Life is so very good!