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As I write this, I am filled with joy and anticipation in the knowledge that we will be grandparents in the New Year.  27th April 2009 to be exact.


Holding a newborn baby in my arms is a wonderful experience but to know that this child will be our first grandchild fills me with great emotion.  Memories flood back to my own children as babies.  It sounds a long time ago but it doesn’t seem that long.  I have been looking forward to grandchildren for some time even before my own children were fully grown.  Babies, I love babies!  As mine grew, I longed for another and another.  But after four, my husband said he thought that was enough.  Over time, I gradually adjusted to the idea and was very thankful for the family we now had.

My Mother was one of 12 and my Dad, one of 4.  Having four children was a reasonably small family unit as I grew up but by the time we began to start our own, a family of four was classed as large.  Usually, people had to buy another car with a bench seat, a 4WD or a Tarago.  We drove around in two cars for the first 6 months if we needed to go out as a family or one person would stay behind.  These days, there are many more cars to choose from and more family friendly.

On the accommodation side of things, we added an extra bedroom after a few years.  I remember visiting my Grandma’s house and wondering how she slept all her children in the tiny two bedroom home.  My mum laughs and says that they slept 3-4 in the double bed and top to toe in the single beds on the veranda.  I might add that the verandah was not enclosed so they used to burn manure outside at night to keep the mozzies away!  Also as the new babies came along the older ones left home.  Gran’s kids lived outside during the day and only came in for meals, baths and bed.  They lived a very happy, carefree life.

Times change and I wonder how people’s lives will be in another 30 years or so.  Technology has progressed so quickly, it is hard to keep up, but also it brings us together.  The World Wide Web has brought us so many possibilities.  We can choose to shop online, study online, explore online, talk to family and friends online.  Even work online.  The possibilities are endless!

I have been browsing maternity sites, nursery sites, baby name sites, book sites and it goes on and off from the comfort of my own home.  Actually, time disappears when I am online.  There is so much to see and be involved in.  My daughter keeps in touch through the net, so she doesn’t feel far away.

I am sure we will be grandparents more than once and I look forward to it all.  To see life through the eyes of a child is to relive your own childhood experiences again.  If anyone out there is in the same boat as me and awaiting a grandchild, please add a comment to my blog so we can share in your joy as well.

To give is to receive.

Want to know how our family survived living on $20 a week?  Look out for my next blog….  😉


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