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Sharon de Bruyn

What Luggage To Take To Africa

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Dear Fellow Adventurers,

A brief note on luggage requirements.

We all appreciate that ladies luggage requirements are very different to those of men, and everyone has different personal needs.  What you decide to pack in your luggage is very personal and therefore it is hard for me to advise what you should take or what is not necessary to take.

So I leave it entirely up to you, and give only the briefest suggestions here.

1)  If possible, try and use a mid size suitcase.  At times, the room available will not only depend on your luggage, but other’s luggage also.
2)  Travel as light as possible to allow some room to bring back souvenirs and gifts etc. Review your luggage weight and size restrictions from your airline carriers.
3)  The weather at this time of the year from Namibia to Cape Town will range from warm to chilly.  Nights will be quite chilly wherever we go, and days should start cool and warm up nicely.  Some days might be a little hot.  Cape Town could experience the biggest range of weather in one day – similar to Melbourne – there could be rainy days.
4)  Dress codes:  Unless you require formal wear, the restaurants generally expect a smart casual dress code.  Jeans are acceptable almost everywhere.  I guess it would be fair to say that if you dress according to a casual evening out in Brisbane, you won’t go wrong.  It is very relaxed.  A good pair of walking shoes that can double up as casual footwear would be handy, and perhaps some thongs/slip slops(?) for desert or beach walks.
5)  Generally hotels supply hairdryers.
6)  Remember to take a hat and sunscreen – the usual sensible stuff.
7)  Crime is pretty bad everywhere in Africa, so perhaps try not to take personal valuables that may be at risk, such as expensive jewellery and lots of cash.  I’ll will a separate blog post on security.
8)  Don’t forget to take any meds you think you might need.  Chemists in Africa are pretty well stocked with most meds, health and hygiene stuff, so don’t worry too much about this. But do take meds you rely on, such as antihistamines, pain killers, asthma pumps, disinfectants etc.  Prepare for a possibility of upset stomachs/food poisoning, so perhaps pack some Imodium or equivalent.
9) A good idea is to take a small can of mosquito spray – they can be very pesky at night.  Although we will not be going into malarial areas, Rhino River Safari Camp “could” harbour some malarial mosquitoes.  However, saying that, September is a low threat season for Malaria.  Regardless, I would be inclined to suggest you bring Aeroguard and wear long sleeve/long trousers in open areas at night.

I hope the above is of some help.  Travelling is an adventure.

Take good care while abroad.

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Best wishes,

Sharon 🙂

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