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Sharon de Bruyn

Security, Health, Safety and Contingencies

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Hi Fellow Adventurers!This is an very important email, as you can tell by the subject line.As you know, Africa, especially South Africa, has a very high crime rate.  It is important to be aware of your surrounds all the time and to make sure you take care of your personal belongings.  Common sense should always prevail.

Please don’t take anything of high value, and it would be a good idea to cover yourself with good travel insurance in the event of a theft, loss, damage or medical emergency.  There are risks in travelling in Africa and you need to make yourself aware of them.

Please also remember that all wildlife is unpredictable and can be dangerous.  Always take care around wild animals, and listen to the guidance and advice of any game guide that you are under the care of.

In Namibia the water is not safe to drink.  (Believe me!)  Don’t even brush your teeth with the tap water.  Only use bottled water.  Bottled water is safe and readily available.

Now for some contingency plans.  Highly unlikely to be needed, but important to put a plan in place in the event that it is needed.

Flights can be delayed or cancelled, and the area that you would be most vulnerable.

If you are travelling with others and someone misses a flight or a connection, and you cannot make the rendezvous as planned nor make communication, then you need to have a planned course of action worked out before you leave the country.  The plan we have in place today as we fly out today is as follow:  If someone misses their flight or connection.  Travel onto the country/airport as planned.  I suggest those who can make the connection, does so, and continues with the planned itinerary regardless – heading to the next HOTEL in the itinerary.  In this regard it will involve arriving in Walvis Bay, collecting the hire car, driving to Swakopmund and checking into the Protea Ndonga Hotel.  That will give us a central point to try and locate the missing member/s, and also gives the missing member/s a point with which to aim for.  Communication is essential, and as we all have iPhones, all we need is wi-fi access and then text messages/FaceTime/Whatsapp will be free iPhone to iPhone.  Hotels will have wi-fi access.Make sure everyone travelling has a detailed itinerary with all contact and reference numbers.  In this attachment includ all documentation necessary for your trip. It would be a good idea to print a copy out and keep it on you.  Also I recommend that you upload the details onto the “Kayak” App and share the entry with with your fellow travellers and then you will have all the details on your phone.Electricity and wifi is often unreliable in Africa.  Hopefully your hotels will provide it and you will be able to find wifi cafes along the way.  Africa is a very interesting place.

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Let the adventure begin!
Take good care,